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Sean and I love Two Man Bagel House. It’s run by … two men: Jerome and Jereborne Lam, and it’s hands down the best bagel joint in Singapore! The guys that work there are always really nice and go the extra mile to remember your name and things you’ve mentioned in conversation with them.

That’s just one of the reasons we love going there, though. The big winner is: the bagels! Last time we visited the boys at the bagel house, Sean took some chalk to their chalk wall to draw up a special surprise.

What to order?

We lived in Brooklyn for around 6 years, and many a bagel has been consumed over the course of our combined lives. I’m not saying we’re bagel connoisseurs or anything, but let’s just say that Two Man Bagel House has their bagel game down pat.

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Our faves.

  • The Piglet: bacon with a big ol’ hash brown patty, lemon garlic aioli, a fried egg and a bit of greens
  • Sriracha: they use a special, Two Man Bagel House-created rub on some roasted chicken (it’s a thigh), and they add on sriracha aioli, red onions and arugula
  • Salted: this is a new one that Sean tried recently. It’s got brined beef brisket with gherkins (pickles!), dijon mustard and emmental cheese
  • Rodeo: I don’t know why it took me so long to try this one … it’s also a Two Man Bagel House-created spice rub on striploin beef, some caramelized onions, relish, melted emmental cheese and arugula

You can get a breakfast bagel or a lunch bagel, and all the flavor combinations are yummy. It’s fun to pop by to see what their specials are each month—they are always trying to get creative with it!

Of course, in addition to bagel sandwiches, they’ve also got “schmear” aka cream cheese! No bagel joint could properly call themselves a real bagel place without cream cheese, and Two Man Bagel House doesn’t disappoint with the variety of options.

  • Plain cream cheese
  • Cream cheese and jelly
  • Walnut and raisin cream cheese
  • Salmon and dill cream cheese
  • Jalapeno cream cheese
  • Scallion cream cheese
  • Sundried tomato cream cheese
  • Peanut butter and jelly
  • Honey

You can also order bagels in bulk, bagels for catering, and bagels in multiple flavors. My favorite has to be onion … I just had a day dream about having a build your own bagel sandwich party using the bagels from Two Man Bagel House! Or a sleepover with fresh bagels and schmear in the AM.

Want to check it out for yourself? They are open weekdays 8A-7P, weekends 9A-6P, and on public holidays from 9A-6P, and if you call in advance they’ll have your bagel waiting for you when you arrive! (I frequently make use of this perk on my way in to work, and if you take your bagel in the AM, check out the coffee, too. It’s delicious and beats Starbucks any day.)

16 Enggor Street
Icon Village (Altez)
#01-12, 079717

Phone: (+65) 6509 4125


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