AH THEN: Singapore’s 3-D Printed Homes

AH THEN: Singapore’s 3-D Printed Homes

The smart brains at Nanyang Technological University have set up the “Singapore Center for 3-D Printing.” And they’ve wasted no time using their expertise to come up with a scheme that I think is just … genius!

Singapore is a place that has really expensive housing costs, so these guys got to thinking, “What if we could just 3-D print homes?” They are thinking they will use enormous 3-D printers to build one story at a time in the factory. Then that story would be transported to the building location, and they would be stacked up one at a time – like Legos!

They call it “Prefabricated Pre-finished Volumetric Construction,” and SURPRISE! They’ve already built three dorms using the build one floor and stack method. These floors were built the old school way … and it turns out that a 3-D printer that is large enough to handle printing out the structural components of an entire floor doesn’t yet exist. They’ve also got to invent “printable concrete” to really make this work.

The brains at the Singapore Center for 3-D Printing are planning to make a formal proposal to the government within a year. That proposal will include their plans on how they will develop the prototype over the span of three years.

So, no, I won’t be moving into a 3-D printed building in the next year or two … and I probably wouldn’t move into one anyway because I LOVE old school shophouses and terrace houses, but Singapore could be the first country to actually get this done! Given that they are working within a program that is partnered with the prominent universities of Singers and if the government gets involved, funds could be provided to make it a reality.

I trust Singapore to figure out projects like this that are totally too chim for this brain. The future is coming y’all!

Note: I originally read about this project here on e27.

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