PUBLISHED ALREADY: Home Projects – Do it yourself or pay someone else in Singapore?

PUBLISHED ALREADY: Home Projects – Do it yourself or pay someone else in Singapore?

In this issue of The Finder Singapore (Issue 275), I wrote all about my go-to stores for furniture and accessories in Singapore. Then, I also wrote about different house projects that you might execute while living in Singapore:

  1. Painting your walls
  2. Wallpapering
  3. Wall-mounting or hanging stuff
  4. Cleaning tile and marble
  5. Plumbing repairs

In the article, I give tips and tricks for doing it yourself and I call out some helpful Singapore vendors who can help you to do it, if you’re willing to “Pay Someone Else” to get it done!

I also wrote a piece that covers the time that all ex-pats hate – MOVING! Whenever you move out of a condo or property in Singapore, you want to be sure that you have everything tidied and repaired before you go off, or risk having a hefty portion of your security deposit held back. Seriously – we had a landlord charge us for the changing of batteries in a doorbell. And he paid an electrician to do it. So be sure you follow these tips and get your place all fixed up before you move out!


Want to read the full magazine online? You can do that here.

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  3. October 2016 – DIY (Do it yourself) v. Pay Someone Else and So You’re Leaving – The Finder, Issue 275

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