Where to Get Christmas Trees, Ornaments, & Decorations in Singapore

Where to Get Christmas Trees, Ornaments, & Decorations in Singapore

When we first  moved to Singapore, I’ve talked about before how hard it was to change my shopping patterns. I never really, truly, fully understood just how easy it is to shop in the US in comparison to the rest of the world. You can literally have almost anything shipped to you for free and very, very fast.

So, when it came time to decorate our house for Christmas and get a tree and decorations, I was not prepared for the cost of a $200 fake tree. But, if you want the goods, you gotta pay up! The other big surprise to me was that all the stores were centered together in one mall: The Verge. I suppose I should not have been surprised, given that you find that a lot in Singapore – a bunch of stores clustered together that offer similar or the same types of things.

The Verge has since closed down, but have no fear, the Christmas Mecca that was on the top floor of The Verge has moved! And I take you on a tour of it in this week’s YouTube video.

So, if you’re in the market for a Christmas tree – real or fake, or if you’re shopping for decorations and want the prettiest ornaments on the block, then I know right where you can get them here in little ol’ Singapore!

Vanda Win is the store where I got our tree last year! Our glorious, beautiful white Christmas tree! They are the most “up to date,” I would say, of all the shops in OneKM that focus on Christmas. Their website is certainly the best looking. They’re also the first shop that you come to when you come up the escalator at the mall.

You can see that they have the full gamut of different types of trees. Our 7 footer is well represented there, right up front!

Here’s a cute little, pre-decorated guy. But be prepared for sticker shock! I think he was definitely over $200.

Ming Sing Flowers is the next stop on the list! They are not as prolific in the tree area, but they have tons of other floral decorations. They definitely hold their own on the “sparkly ornament” front, and there were some pretty traditional looking set ups going on that were of interest to lots of people who were in the mall. Unfortunately, as of the time of this writing, their website seems to be down. Oh! They also have some Santa Claus figurines, reindeer, and ribbons!

Daco is one that I was not 100% sure that I went to last year at The Verge. Well, I wasn’t sure until I saw all of the figurines they had inside! If you want to experiment with decorations and really put together a “dazzler” of a diverse tree, then this is a must-stop-by store. Now, I know there is clearly a “no photographs” sign in the window and I have broken that rule here, but I promise it is in the spirit of trying to get people to shop here! I’m sure the competition is fierce and they are trying to prevent competitors from getting an edge. Sorry Daco – your location was too pretty to leave out of my guide!

I know that I bought a ton of ribbon and other pieces from Daco last year. They really helped me to decorate with bright colors and to add some “mini” Christmas tree decorations that are covered in sparkles next to the tree for a real splash in our lofted living room.

Chin Giap Soon is better known as a party supplier, but they shouldn’t be counted out if you’re looking for well-priced colored bobbles (which you can see here in the window!) I would stop here first when buying ornaments to see if they have something in your price range to tickle your tree’s fancy. But be sure to shop around – a lot of the shops have some of the same pieces at different prices.

Steve Florists is more of a traditional florist company, but you can see they get their sale on early to be sure to nab the crowds! They have some really nice decorations, as well, and I dig that this year they seem to have some of the best STARS to top your tree! And they have some baby trees, for those of us in smaller apartments or who have a desire only for a bit of a “wee tree.”


Literally, a hot tip. Be sure to take the shuttle bus from the train at Paya Lebar to OneKM if you want to keep cool. There is a ton of construction in the area, and it’s a long, winding, hot walk from the train otherwise. This is the latest shuttle bus information from December 2017, but if you’re looking at this a bit later (like in 2018+), then I would recommend checking the OneKM website for details here.

Here’s a map to OneKM so that you can get some directions for yourself:



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