STYLO MILO: A Rockstar Studded OOTD

One of the things that’s the hardest to get used to in Singapore is probably the weather. It’s about 85-90 degrees F (no, I still can’t do Celsius – soz not soz.) every day, and there are 2 “seasons.” Rainy and not rainy. For those of us that want to look like human beings instead of sweaty gummy gobs when we arrive to work, that can mean needing some tricks to commute with the lowest level of sweating possible.

I’ll save some of those commuting tricks and the use of the “commute suit” for another post.

Sometimes you want to feel a little bit tough, but when you’re in your 30’s, you have to keep it professional.

I struggled when we first arrived in Singapore to figure out how to dress myself, not be covered in sweat / look freshly showered but smell freshly tarred and feathered, and still arrive to the office on time. I come from a place of “always on” air conditioning and the expectation that the only drop of sweat that might tarnish my beautifully layered outfit might occur on the walk from my house to the car in my driveway.

The other thing that’s hard to balance is the fact that it’s next to impossible for me to actually shop in an in-person store in Singapore that carries plus sizes. Online shopping has been an amazing gift to me, but as I am getting further into my 30’s, I’m realizing a lot of things and styles I’m holding onto from my 20’s are no longer working for me.

Mood: Get it all done + keep it cool.

Plus Size OOTD - Fatshion - Dont Spoil Market

What I love about this outfit is that I feel young, but it’s not so unprofessional that I can’t wear it into my office. The key is keeping my accessories simplified, my hair tidy and pulled up, and a pop of color with the red lipstick.

Note: For tucking in your shirts, be sure you’ve got some good undergarment situations going on. This is especially important if you’re doing a ton of walking when you commute, like I do!

I also really love to change up my bag. Admittedly, I don’t do this as often in Singapore because the weather, honestly, ruins your clothes, bags, shoes, and other accessories. But, I gotta be able to carry my packed lunch, my laptop, my bus pass, a hanky, lipstick, my phone, and an assorted other set of items. Including the all important “pack of tissues” that is a necessity in SG and in Southeast Asia, in general.

I also need a bit of give in what I’m wearing. I might bike in this, using one of Singapore’s awesome bike sharing services. If I worked in a more conservative office, throwing a blazer over this would create the perfect pulled together biz-casual look.

This is my street in Singapore. We almost got run over to get this shot. Thanks amazing husband!

Another great thing about this rucksack – boys get all the luck in their accessories sometimes, is that it’s waterproof! Also a handy feature to have if you’re carrying around electronics. After this shot was taken, it was off to the bus, then the train, then the stroll into my office for me. Armed with my earbuds, a happy attitude, and some amazing podcasts, I made it in with little sweat.



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