SHIOK: New York’s Clinton Street Baking Company has a Singapore Location … And We Tried It!

When you live far away from home, sometimes all you want is a little comfort food. Enter The Clinton Street Baking Company (aka “Clinton Street Bakery” because I just can’t seem to keep the name straight. But whatevs.) We went to 31 Purvis Street here in Singapore to check it out, and oh man … was it worth it. Comfort food galore. It was ALMOST like being in the US.

Dishes Tried (Listed in order of tasty level)

Jalapeño Cornbread

The cornbread gets major high marks from me. Before leaving the US, I don’t think I’d ever really realized that it can be relatively simple to get cornbread all wrong. I don’t think I realized how important good cornbread is to my existence either, but that’s a story for another day [LOL].

What did I like about it? It was moist. It wasn’t like straight up cake. It was just the right amount of crumbly. And it was a big ol’ honkin’ piece of cornbread. This should be the precursor to almost every brunch meal.


Cornbread and biscuits are close in relation to each other, in terms of how much I love them. And we ain’t talking about no stinkin’ British “biscuits,” which is an abomination, if you ask me. Like, they’re not biscuits people. They’re a weird cookie with a lot of butter in them. But, I digress …

Yes, there are other things in this order! I think husband ordered something like “Country Breakfast,” but it was the biscuits that were really something to write home about. The hashbrowns got a “pretty good” rating, and the eggs were good enough. But the biscuit is what we would order again and as a side dish, if necessary!

Chicken & Waffles

Now, there is an ongoing debate in the United States and in other foodie circles around the globe about whether chicken and waffles was an invention of the Black American South, if it is from Harlem or if it’s from Snoop Dogg / the West Coast. I’m not enough of an expert on any of these to really tell you with absolute confidence which house I sit in. But, I am not totally sold on it being from the South … just because waffles really aren’t a thing that we’re known for (at least in North Carolina).

But, back to Clinton Street Baking Company’s fried chicken & waffles. The chicken was really good. Juicy and crispy. I’m a Bojangles fanatic, myself, because I like my fried chicken a bit spicy. One thing I wish they had at Clinton Street Baking Company is a big ol’ bottle of Texas Pete. I believe in vinegar and hot peppers because I’m from the home of the “right” way to make BBQ pork.

The waffle was nice, too, and the sweetness of the syrup with the crispy and savory taste of the fried chicken batter definitely worked. I ate the entire thing. Yum!

Chocolate Pancakes

Now, I am not a chocolate fan … like at all. But, lots of people have a serious sweet tooth, and Clinton Street Baking Company has the reputation with some folks for having the “fluffiest pancakes ever.” I’m not so sure about that (because I can make a seriously fluffy pancake, too. The key is the baking powder and a hot ass pan!), but, they were reportedly tasty! They were also huge. So, if you’re into pancakes and don’t want to make them yourself – this is a totally good bet and a super popular option for brunch at Clinton Street!

The Menu

Sometimes, it’s hard to find an accurate menu for what is actually being served, so, I took a photo of each piece of the menu for brunch for Clinton Street Baking Company’s Singapore location! Here you are:

Final Thoughts

  1. Be aware that Chicken & Waffles does not start until lunch starts at 11:30AM. In fact, page 2 of the menu does not start until 11:30AM. So, if you have your heart set, be sure you’re arriving at the right time!
  2. The milkshakes are also pretty good, but where I think they really shine in the beverage department is the House Lemonade. Super refreshing. Super fresh. And … not too sweet!
  3. If you see our friend Anna there (she is there like almost every weekend, after all) – tell her we said “HI ANNA!!!!!”

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