How to Wash & Dry Curly Hair (Boticelli Style) – Especially in Humid Weather

The weather in Singapore is hot and humid. And the water that comes out of the shower is … pretty chlorinated and often full of minerals. The water here is super clean, but it is really, really harsh on curly hair. If you have naturally curly hair, chances are you have struggled with:

  • dry hair
  • frizzy hair
  • poofy hair
  • unruly hair
  • crazy hair
  • major bed head
  • scalp issues
  • flaking scalp
  • itchy scalp

If you live in Singapore or in a climate where it’s hot and you get sweaty on a regular basis, you may struggle with the above issues even more! I have good news – I have some secrets to share with you.

People are constantly asking me how I get my hair to be so curly and to “behave” all the time. The answer is that, 8-9 years ago, I discovered Devachan salons when we lived in New York City. The stylists there completely changed my life. In fact, my stylist, the amazing Jeffrey Ching, he still cuts my hair! I discovered that he travels the world, and he’s often in Malaysia. So, whenever he’s coming to this part of the world, I literally book a flight up to Kuala Lumpur or to wherever for the day and he cuts my hair in whatever room he’s staying in!

If you have hair with any type of texture in it and you wear it naturally – I am 100% sure that you know why I only trust Jeffrey with my hair! Anyway – give him (and his stylists) your business!

Moving on. How do I keep my hair so fly in this crazy weather? Well, I did a video 7 years ago on the process that I follow, which you can watch on my YouTube channel!

My process is actually really, really similar to what it was all those years ago. But! I use some other products now that are in the mix. Here’s my current flow:

      1. Use a scrubby on my scalp. I sweat a lot in Singapore, and that means that the oils build up on my scalp and it breaks out and gets really flaky. Ew. No one likes that! So – before I get into the shower to wash my head, I use a little scrubby to scrub up any dry spots that have started. Like this one.
      2. Then, I use Head & Shoulders in the shower. Don’t hate! I used to never shampoo my hair or my head, but living in Singapore where it’s so hot – that is not an option. Use it ONLY on the scalp and scrub the scalp mightily. I am very, very careful to keep it off the rest of my curls.
      3. Devacurl One Condition (by Devachan) – Use a ton if you can feel that your curls are thirsty. Your hair will SUCK this up! I buy it in the huge size.
      4. When your hair is still VERY wet, flip your head over and run a few pumps of TruCurl through it
      5. If I don’t have TruCurl, then I use a combination of Devacurl B’Leavein (For added texture and volume) and then Devacurl Angell (Now called Light Defining Gel) (Devachan)
      6. Then, when I get out of the shower, I wrap my hair up either in:
        1. Curl Cloth (CurlsLikeUs)
        2. DevaCurl DevaTowel
        3. If you’re in a pinch or traveling, you can also try a nice soft t-shirt!
      7. After about 3 minutes, I take my hair out and pin the bangs out of my face. Then, I let it air dry!
      8. If I’m going somewhere and need my hair to be way dry before I get there, then I use either the Devachan DevaFuser (Devachan) – it just attaches to your hair dryer, OR, I’ll use a regular diffuser. Sometimes, I also am in a hotel room and don’t have a diffuser handy. That’s okay, I dry it using the t-shirt as a barrier or, I very gently dry just the crown around my head a little bit at a time and use some curl clips! Every curly girl’s travel bag should have some of those in them to keep your roots up!

On “2nd day hair” – I don’t wash my hair. That means, I alternate washing and drying my hair one day and then not washing it and putting it up in a sexy sexy top knot on day 2! I like to use the AMAZING Devacurl Hairspray – because it does a great job at holding down fly aways. I sometimes use this after I blow dry my hair on Day 1, as well. It’s not stiff but has the right amount of hold. It also smells delicious.

Final thoughts? Get a good hair cut. Invest in that. Do it twice a year. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Accept no imitations when it comes to hydrating your hair with conditioner. And, special shout out to my OTHER hair guy – Will Champagne who runs The Curl Lounge in Raleigh, North Carolina. He also does amazing work and is in super high demand!



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      Hey Neemsaya! Sorry I missed your comment before, somehow! I got them on Amazon or brought them from the US! I wish they were distributed in Singapore – maybe for my next business venture 😉 -Netta

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