5 Favorite Morning Motivational YouTube Videos

5 Favorite Morning Motivational YouTube Videos

I think one of the things that is hard for most people is getting out of the bed in the morning. Sleeping in is just so … comfy! And toasty and warm! Well, being comfortable and toasty and warm is great, but it’s not always getting us closer to our goals. I know, for me, I can think my way out of getting out of bed, and I can snooze in bed with my phone for hours and just waste the day away. It’s not always bad to do that, per se, but I am trying to get into the practice of treating my weekends with a bit more purpose and respect. And, even on weekdays, I sometimes struggle to get out of the bed.

Science says those first 10-20 minutes are CRUCIAL

Science says that the first 10-20 minutes of your day can really have an enormous impact on the rest of your day. So, I have started to begin my day with 10 minutes of motivational YouTube videos. I’ve had varying success with this because a lot of the videos on YouTube that look like they’re for this purpose are not really all that helpful to me. This is because they are a “mashup” of 3-4 different motivational speakers. I might even dare to call them stolen content – because someone has taken the real motivational speeches of successful coaches and chopped them up and monetized them.

Okay, so what do I watch and listen to?

All of this led me to think that there might be other people out there who want to start their day out with motivational YouTube videos but are struggling with figuring out what to watch. I highly recommend finding a specific motivational speaker that you identify with and who makes you feel pumped up. So, do some research to find someone who has particular things about their story that resonate with you. Below, I’ve created a list of 5 of my favorite motivational speakers that you can access on YouTube. And I’ve even inserted some of their “greatest hits” videos with some of the speeches that really help me get out of bed and get motivated!

5 Morning Motivational Speakers to Get Your Day Started Right!

Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins is probably one of my favorite motivational speakers because I find her story to be interesting. She has worked in several different industries, and I can see some major parallels in her life and in my life in some places. She seems really quite “real,” too, and not as hokey and out of touch with reality as some motivational speakers can sound.

This is one of my favorites of hers, and I think she really shines when she’s on stage. How to beat self-doubt in 5 seconds!

Les Brown

Les Brown has this incredible story of struggle that I think resonates with a lot of people who feel trapped by their circumstances. He’s probably one of the most successful motivational speakers to come out of the US and has a career that spans almost 3 decades! If you’re from the southern US or at all prone to getting wrapped up in Southern-style preaching (especially African American-style preaching), then Les Brown will likely be inspiring for you.

It’s Possible! is one of Les Brown’s greatest hits. I even have a post-it note posted up in my office at work that says simply “It’s possible.” I often think of Les Brown’s speeches when I get smacked down by something that isn’t turning out the way that I planned for it to or that I wanted it to. His voice rings in my ears – not to mention the laugh that he’s famous for!

Roberto Blake

Roberto Blake is not your traditional motivational speaker in any sense of the word, but my husband really likes watching his videos because he can identify with a lot of what Roberto talks about, and I think they share a similar experience in some ways. If you’re a creative that’s also into technology or need a kick in the pants to get out there and create some content, then Roberto will be worth watching.

How to get started and achieve your 2018 goals is one of the videos that I first watched from Roberto Blake. No fancy frills here – just a straight talking guy who 100% tells you that just getting started is often the key! And to execute execute execute!

Steli Efti

Steli Efti, from Close.io, is 100% not billing himself as a motivational speaker in any way. He is on YouTube to teach people how to sell and to convince them to buy his product, Close.io. This doesn’t really matter to me though, because I find him hugely motivating. He has a ton of great sales tips on the Close.io YouTube channel, and if I’m feeling a dip in my energy at work or if I want to spend some time reminding myself that I know what I’m doing (seriously!!), then I skip over to his channel for a pep talk.

How to close the deal by taking it away is not only a great way to get your brain going and thinking about how to close some deals, but it’s also a great reminder that sometimes in this world, you have to be a bit more aggressive than you may initially be comfortable with. And I think this is true not only for salespeople but regular people who are after something in life.

Eric Thomas (ET)

Eric Thomas is a great speaker for those who are really into sports. I am not a sports person at all, and his style is often a bit TOO aggressive for me, but I love the message that he spreads to those that respond more to that style of motivation. He’s got a series called “Thank God It’s Monday,” and that is NOT a statement that most people would naturally identify with.

Success is in your routine is a good one to start with for anyone who is in a situation that they don’t really see a way out of. He talks a lot about nothing being permanent and touches on one of the principles that keeps me the most focused. The way that you talk about yourself quickly becomes your reality. ET’s PUMPED UP AND ON FIRE style is going to work well for those who are just at the beginning of their motivational journey or who is feeling themselves veering off track. He will jerk you right back on course!

What does my morning motivational routine look like?

  1. The alarm clock (phone!) goes off at around 5:30 or 6AM
  2. I have my phone plugged in across the room from the bed, so I have to physically get out of bed anyway to turn off the alarm. I try to do this immediately to prevent my brain from having time to think my way out of doing so.
  3. Alarm off. Straight to YouTube app.
  4. I have a playlist of motivational videos that I have been working my way through.
  5. Some of the talks are longer than 10-15 minutes, and that’s okay. I’ll choose one that is 45 minutes and work my way through, 10-15 minutes at a time over the course of the week.
  6. Result: Once that 10-15 minutes is up, I’m in a pretty positive state of mind and am ready to put on some TUNES, take a shower, get dressed, and attack the day.

Share your routine – and your favorite speeches and videos. What do you watch and what routine works for you to SHOOT out of bed in the morning?

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