Woman Crush Wednesday: Stefani Nicole – How to sit in photos

Woman Crush Wednesday: Stefani Nicole – How to sit in photos

I want to uplift and empower other women in my life, and so, I’ve decided to start a series of Woman Crush Wednesday posts featuring women who have made an impact in my life as a way to say, “Thank you!” and also to connect them with other women who might benefit from having made the connection.

How did Stefani impact me?

Stefani Nicole is a plus size and body positivity blogger that I found on Instagram. Her husband takes a lot of her photos, and he encouraged her to post some photos of herself in a seated position. For women like me, who have long hated the way that they look when they sit, this type of post and encouragement can have a profound change in our lives. After I saw Stefani in a sitting photo and thought, “Huh. She looks great. I should do that, too!” And I’m sure that others have had this same reaction.

Stefani has impacted me by making me feel like maybe I should have my husband take some photos of me sitting down. Stefani has impacted me by inspiring me to also post some of those photos. And you know what? The reaction to them has been great! Stefani’s husband is right – sitting photos are dope!

I hope that this will further impact me when I’m sitting in the future and catch a glimpse of my reflection, to stop my negative voice. That creeping negative voice that says things like, “Oh my god. You are so unattractive when you are sitting.” (The voice is actually WAY meaner than this – this is the polite version of that negative voice.) Instead, I want have a new voice, inspired by Stefani and her husband (and my husband!) that says, “You are sitting. You are speaking or writing while you are sitting and you look intelligent and focused. You are being the wonderful, positive, and beautiful soul that you are while you’re sitting. There is nothing wrong with you. In fact, you look dope and interesting and happy when you are sitting.”

I hope one day that this voice will completely change and say something like, “You look super attractive while sitting,” but I am starting with baby steps.

Here is the photo of Stefani that started it all and a few more of her just … sitting! Go follow her on Instagram, get some of these excellent and positive pictures in your life, and check out her beautiful blog while you’re at it!

And, to further prove to myself that I do look great when I sit, here are some of my sitting Instagram pictures!

If you want even more dopety dope photos of a strong plus size woman sitting for photos, then follow me on Instagram here, too!


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