What happened to xoxo nettaP?

What happened to xoxo nettaP?

Many of you may remember my old website and brand: xoxo nettaP. Several people have asked me, “Hey, whatever happened to the old website?” Well – here’s the story. And here is why I’m back under a new name and brand!

January 28, 2018

Dear xoxo nettaP fans,

You likely noticed in 2014 that after 5 years of blogs, YouTube videos, and tons of plus size clothing swaps, the xoxo nettaP website came down. Since that time, Netta has continued to populate her YouTube channel and Twitter channel with occasional content.

At the end of 2016, Netta decided to bring her blog back and to begin regularly creating blog content again! Only, she faced a small problem …

Someone was squatting on the xoxonettaP website.

Netta made several attempts to get the URL returned to her, but she was unsuccessful. Unable to retrieve the old blog URL, she decided to rebrand the blog to Don’t Spoil Market. Now that Netta is more frequently creating content again, she would like to invite you to join her again at the new location: dontspoilmarket.com.

You can still find Netta on multiple social media channels at the same web address, all that has changed is that there’s a new logo, and you are going to a different URL. She is still delivering plus size fashion information, she is still making videos reviewing products and giving fabulous curly hair tips, and she’s still making YouTube videos to bring her positive outlook on life to the world.

Netta hopes you will join her again at Don’t Spoil Market.



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