Woman Crush Wednesday: Beck Delude – How to be sexy and chic

Woman Crush Wednesday: Beck Delude – How to be sexy and chic

This is a part of a series of Woman Crush Wednesday posts where I shout out women who have had an impact on my life as a way to say, “Thank you!” and also to connect them with other women who might benefit from having made the connection.

How did Beck impact me?

I met Beck years and years ago when I was living in Brooklyn and she was still in NYC. We met at some plus size fashion event, and when Beck walks into a room, you know it. She is 6’3″, and for those that are working with the metric system, that’s 190.5 cm. Beck is TALL. She is also strikingly gorgeous, extremely friendly, funny, smart, and dead sexy. Beck has something like 32K followers on Instagram because she’s an OG influencer of the plus size world, and she owns who she is, 100%.

Beck has impacted me by showing me that not only does it not matter if you’re taller or bigger than those around you, it’s something you should own and WORK. I struggle with not feeling sexy – I most often feel “cute,” but never really sexy. Beck demonstrates the chicness of a city woman and the sexiness of a woman who knows what she’s working with! Not only that, but like I mentioned above, I was always impressed by her smarts.

Now that Beck has moved to Europe, I cannot wait to see what kind of European flavor she is going to bring to the mix. She is a woman that I respect and have enjoyed following from afar for the number of years that we have been living on opposite sides of the world. Go follow Beck on Instagram, enjoy Beck’s beautifully styled looks, her mega-blogger-pose skills, and really take in how to be sexy and chic.

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