SPOIL MARKET: Silvercar Review

SPOIL MARKET: Silvercar Review

Silvercar is not your typical rental car company. Renting only Audi A4’s and Audi Q5’s and Q7’s, it’s a luxury experience that isn’t totally at a luxury price.

Things you should know:

Download the Silvercar app BEFORE you fly and fill in your driver’s license and insurance information. This will make checking in a lot faster and smoother. It will also allow you to double check all of your reservation information and arrival and drop off time are booked correctly. We booked via Orbitz.com, initially, but the app will let you register any bookings that were done via 3rd party.

Get a good understanding of where you be picked up from. We flew into Terminal C, and you are NOT to stand under the signs that say rental car shuttle. Instead, we stood under sign 1 for “Off-Airport Parking.”

The shuttle that you’re looking for is the SNAP shuttle. It took awhile for it to arrive (I am fairly certain we had JUST missed the previous one). Luckily the weather wasn’t too bad or too cold!

Here’s what the lot looks like where you’ll pick the car up from:

Once you get to the lot, it’s super, super easy to finish getting signed up in the app, scan the QR code on the car, and then hit the road! I believe that after Silvercar signs you up the first time, any time that you rent a car after that from them, you won’t have to go through the same process.

Taking a peek inside the car

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