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You don't have to have it all figured out to move forward.

I’m a global citizen who likes to stay fly. I love podcasts, creating content and dancing. I write about trying to remain calm in a world that seems to be increasingly in turmoil.

Plus Size OOTD - Fatshion - Dont Spoil Market

To Live Without Fear & Take Chances

One of the things that defines me more and more as I really come into my 30’s is my experience in leaping before I look. Much of my early childhood, my teenage years and my 20’s was ruled by fear. And I’ve spent decades trying to move past the various fears that crop up in life. I know that’s true for so many other women out there.

Most of the time you can find me meeting with clients, taking phone calls, and working either in the office or flying up to NYC. When I’m not doing that, I’m listening to podcasts and having deep conversations about how our experiences shape our lives.

I’m lucky to get to use my experience as a global citizen in my day to day working life. But I’m even more grateful to the universe for allowing me to meet and connect with such a diverse set of human beings. These connections have helped me immensely to be brave and to try to be good for the world.

In creating content for Don’t Spoil Market, I hope to inspire women who feel like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders. I mentor young women who are just coming into their own in their professional lives, and I speak about my real experiences as a woman and as a professional in the content marketing and social media technology space. I give tips and share parts of myself to remind all women that they should take chances on experiences and be brave.

Life Hacks

I love to find faster ways to get things done. Efficiency.

This is a trait that people who are not American often find irritating but charming about Americans. As someone once said:

“Americans don’t flirt because they don’t do things for the sake of those things being pleasurable. They do things because they want to win.”

And, having now lived literally all over the world, I can attest to this being true at the very core of what it means to be an American. I have the drive to win, and I think that’s why I’m always looking for life hacks. I’m always looking for new mobile apps and new ways of doing things.

You can expect that I will review products and apps and podcasts that I’ve found help me to hack life.

Staying Fly

I also love pretty things. This is the other thing that, admittedly, Americans are really good at: consuming. Now, I am striving to consume less in my life because overconsumption leads to the risk of “becoming your things.”

“I just don’t like conspicuous consumption. I find it distasteful.”

-Tim Gunn

I agree with Tim Gunn that we should not consume the world, lest we be consumed by the world. But–like you, I love following the latest trends and laughing at how crushed velvet has become a thing again.

You can expect that I will show you how I dress my body. This body that I’m lucky has not given up on me after all the abuse I’ve lobbed at it. This body that carries me around the world and forgives me for the 34-hour trips from Singapore to my mom’s front door in North Carolina. This body that just won’t ever be a skinny girl with long straight blonde hair, but is a body that hasn’t given up on me yet.

I’ll probably also show you how I dress my house and the things that go in it. I try my best to re-use, so you can also expect some DIY projects.